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Body Language Coaching & Improvisational Training

• Is it possible that your body language is hurting your presentations, ability to attract business or getting in the way of your message? Wouldn’t it be great if you felt successful after every speech, board meeting, interview, or even a date?

• Don’t you think that having a conscious understanding of the messages that you portray, through your body language, would be helpful for building rapport with your audience and new or existing clients?

• Wouldn’t it be great to know what messages clients are giving you by tuning into their facial micro-expressions? What if you could then adapt, in the moment, to increase your chances of attracting your desired outcome?

• Imagine having access to power body language moves and gestures that leaders of Fortune 100 companies have used to keep their audience, clients, and customers constantly coming back for more? Wouldn’t it be great if you could use certain success moves to increase your perceived value with your audience, client or customer?

• What if you actually enjoyed making presentations and it gave a boost to both your reputation and income by using effective body language to strengthen your presentations, enhance your message and make yourself more memorable?

CU in the Moment offers one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and yes, even keynote speeches on body language and how to be the best version of yourself in any situation, whether it’s your career or your relationships.

According to Fast Company Magazine, the average career today lasts 4.4 years. Therefore, presenting yourself to the best of your ability is crucial to getting the job that you want, keeping the job that you have, and gaining the courage and success to move forward. Whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, sales professional, public official or a stay at home mom with a busy family, we want you to show up as the best you possible.