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How do we get you out of your head and into your potential?Chris Ulrich on CNN

CU in the Moment provides coaching and training that focuses on body language and presentation skills. We will teach you how to be poised and carry yourself with ease and confidence. This is not a false sense of confidence, but rather a genuine representation of your true self, only better. You will learn how both your non-verbal and spoken messages are received, and how to improve your delivery. To do this, CU in the Moment utilizes body language training and improvisation techniques to prepare you to think and act quickly. You’ll also develop active and mindful listening skills, and critical and creative problem solving skills.


  • Increase your executive presence and learn how to be conscious in the presence of others by understanding the perceived meaning of nonverbal communication.

  • Learn how to ask powerful questions. This is a critical skill that will help you to get to the truth when speaking to others, and ultimately, will get you what you want.
  • Strengthen personal and professional relationships, take out the guess work, and become more outcome focused.
  • Prepare for real life scenarios, such as interviews, by utilizing improvisation to practice communication skills, responding to difficult questions, and active listening in a safe environment.
  • Develop and fine tune your ability to read body language and begin using it in your life immediately.

About Chris Ulrich

Chris UlrichChris Ulrich is a body language expert, political consultant, improvisational actor, and personal coach. He is the founder CU in the Moment, a company with a multi-disciplined approach to educating clients about body language, personal confidence, and presentation skills.

Ulrich is a media consultant who can be seen on CNN, Headline News, Good Morning America, Fox Business News, MSNBC, ESPN, Dr. Oz,  Washington’s USA Channel 9, and Fox 5 DC where he educates viewers about non-verbal communication issues. In addition to his work at CU in the Moment, Ulrich is also a senior instructor at the Body Language Institute. Ulrich trains executives, salespeople, government staffers, lobbyists, and small business entrepreneurs to use the new body language to transform their executive presence. He also served as a consultant to Edelman Public Relations as part of its creative content team, leading brainstorming sessions to encourage new ways of thinking for Edelman client accounts.

Prior to founding CU in the Moment, Ulrich worked closely with top level government officials for over 18 years. He specializes in streamlining, organizing, and prioritizing the type of information that is presented to government officials through the briefing process. He served as a Domestic Policy Advisor to Vice President Al Gore, Issue Director to Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman, Political Analyst at the Embassy of Japan, and as an effectiveness consultant for Energy Secretary Chu.

In his spare time, Ulrich regularly performs with Jive Turkey and Nox, improv comedy troupes in Washington, D.C. He was a cast member in Capital Gym, a comedy pilot that appeared on the Food Network’s Dinner Impossible with Chef Robert Irvine. Ulrich studied improvisational comedy at the Uprights Citizens Brigade and The Magnet Theater in New York, Improv Olympic and Annoyance Theater in Chicago and Los Angeles, and the Washington Improv Theater and DC Improv in Washington. He recently earned a certification in Movement Pattern Analysis at Columbia College of Chicago.

“I believe that we are more creatively empowered in our work and play when we are listening, aware, and centered in the presence of creative tension, rather than being consumed by a state of high anxiety and self doubt that leaves us fearfully disempowered. We can learn how to use these concepts and become active participants in the moment.” ~ Chris Ulrich