Recently, I traveled with the Body Language Deception team to investigate an embezzlement case in Utah.  The client we were assisting had lost over $200,000 in product and hired us to help with their internal investigation.  As part of our work, we spoke with 25 staff members one on one.  In the individual interviews that I did, I baselined the individuals, built rapport, ask open ended questions, and gathered pertinent information.  And one of the tactical tools I used was the 0-100 percent test.  Toward the end of one of the interviews, I drew the following on a piece of blank paper:


Next, I handed the person the drawing and asked him to circle or mark an X on line  showing the percentage of what he said to me was true.  Most of the time, people will circle and/or say, “100 percent.”  Yet, he put the X on 98%.”   Any idea what my next question was going to be?

Exactly!  Is there any reason why, you holding back telling the truth about the other two percent?  The gentleman said,  “Well one percent is that the guy I mentioned, I don’t get along with very well, and the other one percent is I did take the business truck home one night without permission.”  He clarified and got to 100 percent. And thanks to this additional information, I found out that many staff were taking trucks home at night which was against company policy. In that simple exercise, I was able to gather useful information that served me in the investigation.  Each time I used the test, it provided  valuable information increasing my effectiveness in gathering intelligence and making my job easier.

This simple technique can be useful whether your doing an investigation or if your doing an interview with a potential new hire.  Wouldn’t you want to know if all of the information you were told was correct.  Can’t you see where the 0-100 percent technique could provide additional valuable data on whether to hire or not hire your recruit?   Your follow up questions will serve you in getting the facts and eliminating any mind reading.  See you on the path to the truth.

Chris Ulrich, Body Language Expert