Liars Overview

You Can’t Lie to Me w/ Chris Ulrich People tell lies for a million personal reasons, but most boil down to one of three essential needs: To protect themselves, To avoid tension and conflict, To minimize hurt feelings. Now, if everyone lies, and we all know we all lie, why is it still not easy […]


The micro expression of surprise is one of the seven universal emotions. In addition, surprise is one of the easier micro expressions to spot. Director of the Culture and Emotion Research Laboratory at San Francisco State University David Matsumoto adds, “Surprise is expressed by a raising of the brows and the upper eyelids and a […]

The 0-100 percent techique

Recently, I traveled with the Body Language Deception team to investigate an embezzlement case in Utah.  The client we were assisting had lost over $200,000 in product and hired us to help with their internal investigation.  As part of our work, we spoke with 25 staff members one on one.  In the individual interviews that […]

As I stand in line to vote

Hey folks, As I stand in line to vote, I am barraged with wonderful memories of conversations with my mom about the elections. She’d always call after she voted and excitedly share what the lines were like, who she ran into while waiting to vote , and how she was happy to have voted. The […]

Serious Play: Bunny! Bunny!

The other day, I got this short video from one of my Clients, Kerry Straine of Straine Consulting. Kerry works with dental practices to ensure that they experience peak performance. If you click on the video you will see the folks from this dental practice doing an exercise called Bunny Bunny. The exercise is a […]

Anna Improv

Yesterday I was playing with my niece Anna and for a short time she became my guru.  No, I did not find enlightenment or have to go to live in a cave or even receive a Koan from her that I was supposed to meditate on for days.  Instead, she reminded me that within our […]


Take One: Imagine… you’re getting ready to make a presentation, and you’re waiting off stage. As the host speaks of your accomplishments, your heart is pounding and you’re sweating. You’ve had nightmares about giving this speech for a week. Your name is called, respectful applause fills the air, and before you know it, you’re on. […]